I walked in the garden (of my mind) this morning and I asked my Heavenly Father to come with me because I know that He’s never too busy for me and He loves to spend time with me.    Then I asked Him to tell me things I need to know, because again I know there are things He wants me to know.  I love these talks.  This is what I came away with:  I must love others through their hurts and pain, regardless of their response, just keep on loving on them and loving them.  I can’t let them turn away my love, but just keep pouring it out on them.  That’s what the Lord does with us.  He loves us first…pours out His love on us even if we push Him away.  He just keeps pouring out His love until we trust it and Him.


Be Relentless!


Do you ever feel neglected, unappreciated? Have you ever felt taken for granted?  Have you ever thought to yourself, “I do so much, is it too much to ask to be taken out to dinner once in a

while?” , or “Do you think a phone call or a little thank you note is too difficult?”, or  “If they don’t appreciate me any more than this, it’s the last time I’ll step up and volunteer for….”, or, “I went through 46 hours of hard labor to bring that child into the world, don’t I deserve….!!” (oops, maybe that’s just me!!)


I wonder how many times my precious heavenly Father has been grieved by my lack of attention or my lack of gratitude for His enormous sacrifice.  I wonder if He ever just thinks, “Sandy, do you know what I’ve done for you, how I’ve saved you, protected you, provided for you, every second of every day?”  But what I don’t question is His love for me regardless of my lack of response.  He just keeps pouring out His love on me.  He doesn’t withhold it, ever, not even if I don’t respond the way He wants me to, or if I’m not grateful enough, or if I don’t reciprocate.  He just keeps pouring out His love on me.  He’s soooo patient and gentle.  He’s just waiting until I trust His love, until I can see that He’s not going anywhere.  He’s my Rock, my Shield, the lover of my soul.  His lovingkindness toward me is as high as the heavens are above the earth.


Today, for the next 24 hours, I want to give my Father a little gift.  It’s really all I have to give Him (what do you give the Guy who has EVERYTHING!?).  It doesn’t seem like much and it doesn’t cost me a penny, but one thing I know about my heavenly Daddy is that He loves it when I sit at His feet and watch what He does.  And, He gets so tickled when I turn around and try to imitate Him!


Today, I’m going to pour out love on others.  Some may respond, some may act as if I’ve done nothing, and some may actually reject it and push me away, but I’m going to “do like my Daddy”, and I’m just going to keep on pouring.  I’m resolved not to look at the response because I’m not going to do it for a response, I’m doing it for Him.  I want to make Him smile:)


Loving you all day,




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