Forgotten God

Today, we started the first lesson of Forgotten God by Frances Chan! I’ve heard a couple of people say that they hope this study will be authentic and life changing, but I wonder how many of us really haven’t the slightest hesitation about a dramatic life change according to the will of God.  Surely I’m not the only one whose heart skips a beat at the very thought.  I want this study of the Holy Spirit to CHANGE my life, no doubt about it, but what is that going to look like?  I pretty sure my heavenly Father understands my trepidation, but I also think He’s thrilled that I desire to be powerfully changed by His Holy Spirit in spite of my fear that it could be painful or at the very least inconvenient.

The Lord has brought together a wonderful group of diverse women for this study of His Holy Spirit.  I’m overwhelmed and exuberant over the love of Christ and the joy that fills the third floor on Tuesday mornings.  I know I’ve already mentioned this to some, but the love and sisterhood I’ve found in this group has already been life changing.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this session!

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